Addiction Recovery

It is really tough if we are struggling to overcome addiction. Not only are we trying to become independent of the substance or behaviours that are the expression of our addiction but, as we do so, we come face to face with the demons that drove us there in the first place.

Faced with the pain of the distress and trauma that we sought to ameliorate with our addiction, we can be driven right back to it again in our attempt at recovery resulting in a relapse.

The possibility of success in our addiction recovery can be increased when we address the urges and trauma that took us there in the first place. trauma recovery is integral to addiction recovery!

Imagine, giving up our addiction, and as we do so, finding that we are comfortable in our own skin and no longer running away!

It is possible!

Keith can help where we are committed to our own wellbeing and we have already embarked on the road to recovery.

Keith’s work is best sought when we are committed to recovery and have an integrated treatment plan. When working with Keith he will use techniques which include, Faster EFT/Eutaptics, Meridian Tapping, NLP and The Richard’s Trauma Process.

Once we are sober the negative feelings, painful memories and experiences that have been numbed by our addiction frequently re-surface to trouble us again.

If the underlying drivers to our addictions are not addressed, we will relapse.
If we know what these drivers are we can deal with them before they arise again making recovery much more likely to succeed. If we are not aware of what the drivers are we can handle them as they arise with Faster EFT/Eutaptics, Keith can show us how.

The substance cravings that occur in recovery can be alleviated with Faster EFT/Eutaptics too, again making the prospect of sober living all the more likely.